That’s the Hope and the Dream

conflict resolution with Callie

November 7, 2019

Welcome to That's the Hope and the Dream podcast! 

Today I am talking to my friend … ME! For every Thursday of this month, you’re getting a special bonus episode - I know! 4 extra episodes! And we are kicking it off with Conflict Resolution. Today is a goodie, with lots of resources, so here are all the links: great places to find Biblical counselors (here, here, and here), Matthew 18 Passage I dive into today, Conflict Resolution Field Guide, and a biblical overview of what forgiveness is and is not (when you click on the “Notes” link on this page, a Word document will download - it’s not a virus, and it’s worth your time. Read it!), and last but not least, my favorite sermon I’ve heard this year: Community: A Community of Honor in a Culture of Contempt. As always, I’d love for you to rate this podcast and leave a review!

What has God broken your heart for? What’s your hope and your dream? 

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